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Kiut Things don’t want to contribute to the 2 million tons of clothing and textiles thrown away each year in the Uk.

The western world produces 400% more clothes than 20 years ago. High street brands release new and shipper products every day and people buy 60% more clothing than 15 years ago. The vast majority of clothing waste ends up in landfills or is incinerated when only 20% is collected for reuse or recycling.


kids backpack

Creating sustainable products begins with making the right choices when sourcing materials.  

We work with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use.

Our eco-friendly printed fabrics are produced in a print-on-demand process to minimize fabric and ink waste.  

Reducing the use of materials and consuming very little water by choosing a pigment printing process that, unlike screen printing, does not mix colours in advance. 

Inks and dyes tested to be safe for infant use. 


Kiut Things is a brand born in Barcelona and growing in London.

My small brand was born as an opportunity for me to work in a time when I felt the struggle to find the balance between motherhood and having a job. So, I can say very proud and very sure “I made your kid’s bags”.

So, I know that when you shop small you are not just paying for a product. You are buying into someone’s creativity, giving a boost of confidence to someone doing what they love, you are helping someone to pay their bills, you are enabling someone to continue following their dreams, helping to spread joy and much more.

We support the local workforce, small businesses and economy by buying from local suppliers to reduce shipping and transport and decrease fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and air pollution.

Kid bike basket


Kiut Things social

Kiut Things is committed to supporting women’s groups by teaching them to sew and learn new tools to find a job and encounter new opportunities.

Moreover, if we talk about the impact of diminishing resources in the environment, we are not only speaking about natural resources.

Valuable human resources and skills like handweaving, spinning, embroidery and printing are diminishing.

Kiut Thing’s commitment to people is to preserve and value those handmade traditions. As a Textile designer, I have learned some of this tradition I am working to develop new products to teach these skills to our children.

And finally, We reject children working and neither kind of discrimination nor exploitation.


As a designer, I have the opportunity to make the right choices when sourcing materials, designing products, making prototypes, and choosing suppliers and factories to work with, even when we decide on the packaging.

We design our prints only for our products. So you won’t find our print fabrics on any other brand or product. They are exclusive to our brand. We work in short productions to make a limited number of products that we can personalize with the name of your kids to make each product unique.

We plan cutting patterns to improve fabric consumption and avoid fabric waste,  taking into account product measures and consumption. We reuse fabric lefts to make details or new products. 

Our packaging is plastic-free. You can re-use or recycle our kraft card boxes (80% recycled materials) and acid-free tissue papers. 

Kiut Things print design
eco-friendly bags for kids

Kiut Things make honest products for Cool kids that are kind and loving with animals and plants, kids who enjoy giving a walk and playing in nature, with creative ideas to make a greener world. Children who love making inventions, learning about planets and stars, who value little things and mate’s effort.

Our children are the future of the planet and they are learning to be conscious consumers, aware of where and how the products are being made, giving value to high-quality materials and craftsmanship. 

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