Kids love crocodiles! Amazing dinosaurs on the earth with night vision and super jaws!

Bike baskets

Attach the basket easily with velcro onto bike handles or onto the scooter. Now, they are ready to bring all his stuff themselves. Also, they would love to go with their favourite doll and enjoy adventures together.

Fanny packs

Fanny pack with a suitable size for kids to bring their new sunglasses, a little notebook and pens to draw a while any time you go out. Kids love to carry their important stuff close at hand, just as their big brothers. No worries, there is room for that little treasure!

Little bags

Kids can carry her favourite snack and a lovely note from mom. This small bag is lightweight and space-saving to keep inside her backpack (or your bag) to bring to the school or the park.


Kids are ready to discover the world and need to have everything they need at hand for a day at nursery, a trip to the museum or an evening in the park with their new friends.

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