Strange Kiut Things

Little Strange Things for our children! Inspired by the series that have stolen our heart but specially made for them! Little Strange Things like made of jelly like big amoebas with eyes and smiling faces.

Go girl

Inspired by our daughters who grow up as unique and empowered women, aware and proud of their feminine power and their strength! You go Girl!

Unicorn Gem

An Unicorn play every night with the stars, his friends. Each time they play hide and seek, they create magical gems with their laughter!


Who doesn’t like those dinosaurs relatives? So Big and fierce, with night vision and super jaws to bring their little babies!

Grey Cub

Adorable dancing wolves having non stop fun in the forest. The end of the story of little red riding hood don’t have to be always the same; wolves can have fun and little red riding hood don’t have to feel afraid.