Cool Kids play!  They run, jump, dance and seem to be fully charged energy all day.

Bike baskets

Our handmade bike baskets are specially designed for children to be comfortable and durable. They are completely made of fabric and not suitable for bringing heavy objects.

Fanny packs

Hip bag for kids made with eco-friendly printed fabric of sporty bears, original design by Kiut Things. A peek inside reveals a full, contrast-colour lining.  Moreover, your little star can wear it on his waist or crossways like the coolest kid on the block.

Little bags

Girls grow so fast! It is so special to see them growing up pretending to be like mom with their little bags. You can see them keeping at hand their dearest finger puppets, her new sunglasses, little stones picked up coming from the park, new stickers and tattoos, and so many treasures they can not let at home.


Our eco-friendly backpacks are designed for young kids and parents who want a special bag to start preschool. Kids are eager to explore the world and need to have everything needed at hand for a day at nursery, a trip to the museum or an evening in the park with their new friends.

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