About us

Since I was a girl I enjoyed my time playing to create. I spent my time playing hide and seek and sewing dresses for my dolls. My father taught me how to make it by hand and I had an active mind looking for new shapes and silhouettes.

As a Designer, I look for beauty. The spark you feel when you see that special palette or a composition perfectly arranged. When you see it, it’s like hearing the bells.

As a Designer and a Mother, I’m looking to create products for children with colours they like, with soft materials for their soft hands, suitable for their size and comfortable to keep their smiles.

I design long-life products with the value of being handmade in London, supporting fair trade, with eco-friendly products with no waste of natural resources.

And why I made bags for kids?

I still remember my first backpack and it is still kept at my parents’ house as a memory. It was important to me.

When my daughter started kindergarten I searched for something special for her and I didn’t find it then I decided to make it, that is why I started my own brand of accessories for children.

I desire to create a valuable product that has meaning in people lives.