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I design long-life children’s accessories, using eco-friendly materials which support fair trade, all in line with the fundamental principle of not wasting natural resources.  I desire to create a valuable and truly special range of products to bring meaning – and memories – to our children’s lives.


Eco-friendly fabrics and Local production


Fun and original prints

I was raised in a big city far from nature, even I was born in a beautiful country with plenty of natural life. 

I have to confess that I started to feel a real connection with nature when I was pregnant and started to feel life inside me.  But the real change for me was seeing growing up my daughter and her incredible connection to everything in nature. It was natural. She made me think about the environment, our role on the planet and how we contribute to building the future with our decisions.

What kind of planet would we like for our children? 

For sure, all we want is the best. A green planet where they can breathe, grow and live happily and healthily. A place to enjoy the sun, the sea, good food, love and clean skies.


Sandra Espitia

The Best Quality Products for The Most Important People In The World.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been creative. Even as a child, I spent my time sewing dresses for my dolls. My father taught me how to make them by hand.  I had an active mind, always looking for new designs, new shapes, new silhouettes – new creations.

As a Designer, I look for beauty. That spark you feel when you see that special palette or that perfect creation. You know when you see it – it has an immediate impact on you, you can feel the beauty of the product, it truly connects with you.

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