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Ever since I was a little girl, I have been creative. Even as a child, I spent my time sewing dresses for my dolls. My father taught me how to make them by hand.  I had an active mind, always looking for new designs, new shapes, new silhouettes – new creations.


As a Designer, I look for beauty. That spark you feel when you see that special palette or that perfect creation. You know when you see it – it has an immediate impact on you, you can feel the beauty of the product, it truly connects with you.


 I am a Designer and a Mother


As a Designer and a Mother, I create products for children using an array of fun and vibrant colours combined with beautifully soft materials for their small hands, perfectly suited to their size – and their smiles.


I design long-life children’s accessories, handmade in London, using eco-friendly materials which support fair trade, and all in line with the fundamental principle of not wasting natural resources.  It is my desire to create a valuable and truly special range of products to bring meaning – and memories – to our children’s lives.


Why do I make bags for kids?


I still remember my first backpack.  Even now it is kept at my parents’ house as a reminder of my childhood. This backpack represents so much: adventure, the thrill of exploring, and the excitement of discovering new places and making new friends.


When my daughter was about to start nursery, I looked for something special for her to mark the occasion.  But I couldn’t find anything that stood out.  Nothing was unique or special enough for her.  So, I decided to make something myself – a bag for nursery, something completely unique, something really special.  She loved it, and soon her friends and their parents also commented on it, asking where I had found it.


And that’s why I started to design and create my own range of accessories for children – Kuit Things.  Now you too can find that special item that is as unique and special as your child.

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